The course of the LEGENDMAN is as challenging but also more surprise… than the brain would allow you to imagine.


The race begins from the public beach, across from the Grodno Castle in Zagórze Śląskie, in the Walim commune – a pearl among the medieval fortresses.. 

The water temperature at this time of the year is between 14 degrees Celsius. The swimming route is 2 laps around the Bystrzyckie Lake . Reaching the end of lake and passing a 44 meters high water dam, water has some streams, so the second part of the lap can be quiet challenging . Coming out of the water, the athletes enter the beach and after 200m run they find their bikes at T1, located on the left from the beach.


The cycling stage is a compilation of climbs and descents, which gives us a total of almost 3,000 m of elevation gain on the route. Quite a lot, so you better be ready for it!

 The route follows almost entire Owl Mountains with all the mountain passes, including amazing view on Srebrna Góra Fortress, the biggest mountain fortress in Europe. The second part of the cycling route will maintain its unpredictable character and one thing is certain, it won’t be easy. Steep climbs, technical descents and narrow forest roads require great concentration from start to finish.

The last 30km of the bike cours passes through probably the most mysterious region of Poland. Besides that, you can find there large numbers of attraction from the World War II –  for example underground complex called Riese ( „Gigant” in german language). Well, legend holds that „the Nazi Golden Train” it’s hidden somewhere here. 

Due to the narrow mountain roads, there are places where it won’t be possible to get the support by car. All cycling stage will be run on asphalt roads, we recommend time trial or road bikes.


T2 is located in the sports and recreation complex „Active” in Jedlina Zdrój, from where the trail run begins. 

Our race course is really beautiful, but also surprising. All these “surprises” on the route can be difficult to overcome in such a long race. LEGENDMAN is the first triathlon in the world that will take you underground… It’s no joke, you will have to face an underground adventure in the longest railway tunnel in Poland, so a headlamp will be useful.

The running course is a demanding and technical trail run on the marked tourist path of the Stone Mountains. The mountainous nature of the route, in places difficult to access for support, requires 

your own rescue kit and a supply of water and food. At 21 km of the route (Unisław Śląski) and at 31 km (Andrzejówka Shelter) there will be 2 food points with a parking space for your supports. This is run into the wild, so there can be fields of mud, slippery tree roots and a lot of stones on the path, so be careful (especially after sunset).

Finish line is located at the stadium in the sports and recreation complex „Active” in Jedlina Zdrój.