It’s time to become a legend…

The race

LegendMan is a new long-distance race on the triathlon world map, in one of the most mysterious places in Poland.

In the Lower Silesia region, we will go on a unique journey that connects the thrill of triathlon competition with the spiritual experience of communing with nature and the history surrounding us. Passing next hills and crossing the other turns, we will find places that hides fascinating history. Each next kilometer is as much a physical race as a spiritual ride, where fatigue and adventures along the route will make us write our own, wonderful legend.

Event schedule

Race course

Legendman is an extreme triathlon. The route leads from point to point and all triathlets needs his own support.

It begins before sunrise in the picturesque Bystrzyckie Lake, where, at the foot of the Grodno Castle, competitors will run from the beach into the cold water to swim 3.8 km towards the dam and back. The cycling stage is almost 180 kilometers mountain road and technical descents, crossing the passes of the Owl Mountains. And this is where the Srebrna Góra Fortress, the largest mountain fortress in Europe, the cucling course turns towards Jedlina Zdrój, passing the Riese Complex, the largest military project of the Third Reich.